The Necessity of WVU Medicine Children's

Some of us are born lucky.

We take walking, seeing, breathing, eating, hearing, and a lot of other essential functions for granted.

But life presents extra challenges to the health of some children.

At WVU Medicine Children’s, we do our very best to ensure that these ill or injured kids are fortunate, too – lucky to have a first-rate children’s hospital that’s close to home and totally devoted to their well-being.

WVU Medicine Children’s offers the greatest range of pediatric specialty care in the state, and also serves new mothers and mothers-to-be, especially those with high-risk pregnancies. We care for kids even before they’re born.

Through sheer devotion to children, WVU Medicine Children’s has raised itself to a level of excellence that can compare favorably with any hospital in the country. But the same economic challenges that impact the health of West Virginia’s kids also limit the funding available to WVU Medicine Children’s.

Meanwhile, the demand for our services continually grows.

If you believe, as we do, that a commitment to children’s health is a fundamental human and social obligation, please consider making a contribution to WVU Medicine Children’s.

Your gift is not for us – it’s for them.  

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